Try not to become a man of success,
rather become a man of value.
- Albert Einstein

Testimonials from our clients…

“Our success is quantified by the successes of our clients. Through the feedback of the companies we serve, we too continue to better ourselves.”  –With gratitude, Mark Lefko

Mark is someone that I am proud to partner with.

Mark has been a wonderful partner in our initiatives.

He is a fantastic facilitator and moderator and has an open, honest and welcoming approach to everything he does. He brings a tremendous amount of positive energy and perspective and is someone that I am proud to partner with.

Robert ter Kuile - World Wide Director of Environmental Affairs, Amazon

Robert ter Kuile

A more powerful facilitator could not have been found

Fantastic offsite workshop with facilitator Mark Lefko.

After taking the helm of Worley a little over two years ago a more powerful facilitator could not have been found for our first leadership face to face.

The time with the team and Mark was such an important step in the growth of Worley and has most certainly helped build the foundation of a great team.

Mark’s own personal commitment to sustainability aligned with that of Worley’s own purpose – Delivering a more sustainable world…. and we look forward to the next installment……

Chris Ashton - CEO, Worley

Chris Ashton

As my CEO coach, Mark has been a great objective sounding board.

As my CEO coach, you (Mark Lefko) have been a great objective sounding board for strategies that assist me in organizing and managing my senior executive team members… managing my transition as the new CEO… and thinking through my overall strategy and priorities.

As facilitator for our leadership team, you helped us to open up the communication channels and get some important team dynamic issues out on the table.

Your work with the individual executive team members has facilitated more understanding of the interpersonal dynamics and increased collaboration within the team. The increased levels of communication have really made a difference.

Casey Sheahan - Former CEO, Patagonia

Casey Sheahan

Mark asks probing questions to help you think through tricky issues.

Mark is the consummate executive coach – a terrific sounding board, asking probing questions to help you think through tricky issues.

He is great at executive team dynamics, supporting the team to get to the next level of performance by building healthy working relationships that encourage proper collaboration and problem-solving.

Jeanne Johns - CEO/MD, Incitec Pivot Limited

Jeanne Johns

We've increased our sales by 48% and our profitability by 85%.

I knew if I wanted my company to grow, I’d have to raise the business sophistication level at our retreats. So I hired Mark. As a result, we’ve not only increased our sales by 48%, we’ve increased our profitability by 85%.

Mark has an advanced ability to get an agenda met, and to get buy-in from the team. You leave the retreat having accomplished exactly what you wanted to accomplish when you walked in.

Barclay Hope - President, Albert's Organics

Barclay Hope

Mark’s understanding of situations is deep.

Lawyers can be very, very skeptical. The first time Mark held a partner retreat for us, no one wanted to be there. In the end, though, everyone was energized, because the retreat had real value to it.

We learned how to drive new business to the firm and how to work better as a team. That kind of thing has to be facilitated. Just putting people in a room gets you to Level One, but what Mark does gets you to Level Nine.

Mark’s understanding of situations is deep. He provides substance.

Larry Braun - Senior Partner, Sheppard Mullin

Larry Braun

Mark was right there when the pressure was at its height.

After 22 years in business, it was time for me to negotiate with my venture capital partners and prospective investors. Mark Lefko mentored me through this process and was absolutely invaluable. We developed a strategy that resulted in the outcome I desired.

Mark was right there when the pressure was at its height. He helped me maintain perspective, which allowed me to keep my emotions in check. Mark’s the best!

Jane Kleinberger - Former Chairman and Co-Founder, Paciolan

Jane Kleinberger

Mark Lefko's help was invaluable.

Lefko Group put together our ‘Operational Excellence’ retreat, which focused on capital planning, personnel planning and process improvement. He kept all fifty of us engaged and on-task for two days, so we could (and did) get the job done.

Mark Lefko’s help was invaluable.

Bill McGinnis - CEO, National Technical Systems

Bill McGinnis

Since our retreats and meetings, our revenue has risen 80%.

Mark first ran several retreats to help strengthen our infrastructure and systems. He then ran some Core Team Meetings that focused on our growth. Since those retreats and meetings, our revenue has risen 80%.

Mark’s gift is that he understands communications and business. With him as a facilitator and coach, we’ve been able to do things like develop a strategic plan, and create metrics around deals, transactions, and operations.

We also approach our workday differently. Before, everything was a fire drill. Now we’re more mature. Mark helped us understand that everyone brings something valuable to the table, and so we’re more patient with each other.

Lester Friedman - CEO, Great American Group

Lester Friedman

Attendees rated our retreat a 9.9!

Mark facilitated our chapter’s Presidents’ Retreat and did an outstanding job. In fact, the 80 members who attended rated it a 9.9!

Why was the retreat such a hit? Mark got people to understand the importance of opening up to each other, even though some of the stuff they were sharing was pretty confidential.

The goal of the retreat was to connect people and show them how they could be resources for each other. Thanks to Mark, that’s what happened.

Rick Powell - Young Presidents Organization

Rick Powell

The retreat left everyone energized and motivated.

Thanks to your work, we covered an enormous amount of ground in our 2.5 days of off-site meetings. You did a great job of drawing out the best ideas from everyone without exception.

The retreat left everyone energized and motivated. We’ve made great progress in meeting our target dates, thanks to the action plans and milestones set at the retreat, and to the highly productive follow-up meeting you facilitated.

I look forward to our next quarterly follow-up / accountability session and to keeping the process going.

Dana Roberts - CEO, C. W. Driver

Dana Roberts

Mark went well beyond what most people would do to understand our business.

We hold a retreat every year. It has two functions. It serves as ‘The Year in Review’ and it helps us plan our future.

We brought Mark in to facilitate. He spent a great deal of time with us weeks before the retreat, and went well beyond what most people would do to understand our business.

Because of that, we were all better prepared for the retreat once it happened, and it turned out to be a tremendous success.

Jim Freedman - Managing Director, Intrepid Investment Bankers

Jim Freedman

Mark Lefko delivered an insightful presentation.

Mark Lefko delivered an insightful presentation on human resources and business objectives that focus on values and principles.

By building community and fostering principles across a corporate culture, Mark helps bring about a values-based direction to human resources that HR professionals understand from first-hand experience.

Great presentation!

James Harwood - President, Total HR Management

James Harwood