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Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to guide leaders in their pursuit of unlocking team power. We empower, inspire, engage and spark creativity, resulting in people finding meaning and fulfillment in their jobs. Lefko Group brings fun and inspiration to team building exercises, reinvigorating employees. When team members feel they have a valuable role it connects their hearts […]


Testimonials from our clients… “Our success is quantified by the successes of our clients. Through the feedback of the companies we serve, we too continue to better ourselves.”  –With gratitude, Mark Lefko

Market Sectors & Clients

Our clients understand the power of the team. Whether an entrepreneurial firm with sales in the millions, or a public company with sales in the billions, you have something important to accomplish. Successful organizations know there is a better chance of accomplishing important goals if everyone is involved, from the top down. Our Diverse Clientele […]

About Us

Our values are aligned with those of the organizations we serve. Mark Lefko, founder and CEO of the Lefko Group, transformed his 40-year C-level corporate background into a purpose that rises above the bottom line. Mark has coached over 100 CEOs and Presidents in business development, strategy and unlocking the power of their teams. He currently serves […]

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