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Jeanne Johns

Mark is great at executive team dynamics, supporting the team to get to the next level of performance by building healthy working relationships that encourage proper collaboration and problem-solving.

Robert ter Kuile – Amazon

Mark has been a wonderful partner in our initiatives.

He is a fantastic facilitator and moderator and has an open, honest and welcoming approach to everything he does.

Jim Freedman – Intrepid Investment Bankers

Mark Lefko spent a great deal of time with us weeks before the retreat, and went well beyond what most people would do to understand our business.

Because of that, we were all better prepared for the retreat once it happened, and it turned out to be a tremendous success.

Dana Roberts – C. W. Driver

You did a great job of drawing out the best ideas from everyone without exception. The retreat left everyone energized and motivated.

I look forward to our next quarterly follow-up / accountability session and to keeping the process going.

Larry Braun – Sheppard Mullin

Mark’s understanding of situations is deep. He provides substance.

Just putting people in a room gets you to Level One, but what Mark does gets you to Level Nine.

Rick Powell – Young Presidents Organization

Mark facilitated our chapter’s Presidents’ Retreat and did an outstanding job. In fact, the 80 members who attended rated it a 9.9!

Why was the retreat such a hit? Mark got people to understand the importance of opening up to each other.

Jane Kleinberger – Paciolan

After 22 years in business, it was time for me to negotiate with my venture capital partners and prospective investors.

Mark was right there when the pressure was at its height.

Bill McGinnis – National Technical Systems

Our retreat focused on capital planning, personnel planning and process improvement.

Mark Lefko kept all fifty of us engaged and on-task for two days.

Lester Friedman – Great American Group

Mark first ran several retreats to help strengthen our infrastructure and systems. He then ran some Core Team Meetings that focused on our growth.

Since those retreats and meetings, our revenue has risen 80%.

Barclay Hope – Albert’s Organics

I knew if I wanted my company to grow, I’d have to raise the business sophistication level at our retreats. So I hired Mark.

We’ve not only increased our sales by 48%, we’ve increased our profitability by 85%.

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