Less me and more we.
Others rely on you.
You can rely on us.
A chain is as strong
as its weakest link.
Cohesive teams
divide the tasks to multiply the successes.

We provide quantifiable services that improve your business performance.

Virtual and In-Person Corporate Retreat Facilitation

Lefko Group has the experience to guide your team, whether it’s transitioning to the “new normal,” overcoming a challenging hurdle or simply improving group dynamics. We have facilitated more than 200 retreats for leading companies such as Patagonia, Union Bank and Air New Zealand. We handle the planning, organization, facilitation and subsequent follow-up to ensure that these vital meetings achieve real outcomes for your business. More info >>

Improving Board Effectiveness

A customized program that helps directors and corporate boards operate efficiently by clarifying goals, improving communication and implementing corporate governance standards. More info >>

Team Dynamics Optimization

A strong collaborative environment can have a huge impact on an organization’s overall performance. Ensure that every member of your team is working respectfully to drive the company forward through conflict management and resolution, values identification and a healthy workplace culture. More info >>

CEO Coaching

One-on-one mentorship drawn from Mark Lefko’s 40 years of C-level executive experience, advising CEOs on powerful strategies that drive value in their company and hold them accountable for achieving the actions and goals they nominate. More info >>

Our comprehensive experience makes a difference.

When you hire Lefko Group, you will be working with people who understand business performance goals, corporate culture and how to propel organizations forward. With an extensive 40-year C-level corporate background, Mark Lefko sees things that others miss and is committed to sharing his knowledge with his clients.

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