Targeted retreats to achieve specific goals.

Lefko Group has the experience to guide your team, whether it’s transitioning to the “new normal,” improving team dynamics or achieving a business goal.

Here are some popular objectives:

  • Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development:  Plot your direction in a way that’s both strategically sound and inspirational. Here you’ll examine your organization’s values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as what your customers want and what you can do to navigate past your competitors. By the retreat’s end, you’ll have created two-to-three major strategic objectives, along with an action plan that details champions, responsible parties, completion dates, and metrics. You’ll also have a follow-up process to ensure that each action item is accomplished.
  • Practice Group Retreats:  Geared toward accounting firms and law firm practice groups. Conceptualize lucrative new business opportunities within your organization while building spirit and collaboration in and among your groups.
  • Management and Board Connection:  When the relationships at the top work, your organization works. Use this retreat to strengthen bonds while you solve problems, bolster relationships, and build consensus among management and the board of directors.  These retreats are for both for-profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Sales and Marketing Plan Development:  Know who you’ll reach and how you’ll reach them for the next 12-to-36 months. Here, you’ll examine the market, your customers, how they make buying decisions, and the most potent sales and marketing options available to you. When you leave, you’ll have a strategic document, which includes implementation steps, follow-up systems, and metrics.
  • Conflict Resolution:  Remove barriers that prevent you from moving forward. Here, you’ll identify issues, stakeholder positions, disputed facts, and common ground, after which you’ll brainstorm solutions, build agreement, and resolve the conflict. The three most common conflicts we work on are: fighting among employees because of personality, turf wars between divisions, and disputes about your organization’s direction and the plans you’re using to get there.
  • New Product and Service Development:  Use the power of the team to create fresh products and services. During this retreat, you’ll look at customer needs, market sizes, industry trends, competitors, product line profitability, line extensions, how to use your products and services in other industries, how to use products and services from other industries in your industry, and how possible new offerings will work synergistically with your existing business. Take away engaging new brainstorming techniques from your retreat experiences.
  • Acquisition Integration:  After a merger, transform two mismatched cultures into one productive culture. You’ll focus on understanding the cultures that existed prior to the merger and the difficulties and opportunities the merger has presented, after which you’ll create structures and goals around workload and communications.

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