You’ll get full value from your corporate retreat.

Whether in-person or virtual, your retreat will result in a verifiable ROI. Each retreat is customized for your organization, lasting from a half-day to four days depending on group size and goals.

You should consider a retreat when…

  • your organization needs help with its strategic direction.
  • tactics and processes are missing from your team’s workflow.
  • everyone is firefighting, keeping them from the tasks that matter.
  • management is having turf wars and it’s hurting the company.
  • the lines of communication are jammed and no one is sharing.
  • your team needs to build trust or achieve consensus for a project.
  • a new product is launching or a service is being repositioned.
  • organization members need to collaborate on a strategic plan.
  • top-line revenues need to be increased and profitability strengthened.
  • an information-sharing environment is needed for cross-selling amongst divisions.
  • your team needs to react quickly to changes in the workplace or marketplace.
Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
-Henry Ford

Our clients are diverse.

An entrepreneurial firm with sales in the millions. A public company with sales in the billions.

In every case, our clients understand the power of the team. They have something important they want to accomplish and they know they have a better chance at success if their organization’s top people are involved, efficient and motivated.

Lefko Group offers many types of retreats, each customized to target a specific business goal.

Here’s a list of our most popular retreats >>