The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is a cohesive team.

Transform the effectiveness of your team.

Our Team Effectiveness Program is an interactive experience that assists Boards and others to overcome communication obstacles, with a goal of building trust, assigning accountability and implementing best practices for efficient operation.

First, we identify the keys to effective team composition:
  • a mix of experience and competencies across members
  • agreement on the overall company strategy
  • individuals’ knowledge of topics pertinent to their role
  • motivation to participate with an absence of distractions
  • the ability to work together and in alignment
  • clearly defined roles for each member
  • oversight accountability
Second, we pinpoint common problem areas of an inefficient team:
  • team members do not trust one another
  • processes, goals and roles are not clearly defined
  • debates are dominated by one or two individuals with strong opinions
  • ideas don’t flow freely; members are defensive if their ideas are challenged
  • some board members fail to contribute fully or work cohesively
  • succession planning is considered either taboo or unimportant
Third, we implement effective solutions to overcome dysfunction:
  • deepen the connection and improve communication between team members
  • create a deeper alignment of objectives and clarity of intentions among members
  • eliminate politics and make the experience more fulfilling for all members
  • identify and maintain a shared vision, mission and values
  • implement processes and best practices to achieve efficiency and standards in corporate governance

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