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Conflict Resolution & Management

Define core values and resolve conflicts for a healthy workplace. As an organization’s demands rise, workplace tension is inevitable. As a result, emotions may drive decisions and challenge interpersonal relationships. Building a strong collaborative environment can expedite a path to smooth communications that result in increased productivity. The process of conflict management aims to diagnose issues, resolve […]

Retreats Overview

Get full value from your corporate retreat. We define the full value of your team, resulting in a verifiable ROI. Each retreat is customized for your organization, lasting from a half-day to four days depending on group size and goals. You should consider a retreat when… your organization needs help with its strategic direction. tactics […]

Board Effectiveness Program

Transform the effectiveness of your Board. Our Board Effectiveness Program is an interactive experience that assists Board members to overcome communication obstacles, with a goal of implementing best practices for corporate governance and efficient operation. First, we identify the keys to effective Board composition: a mix of experience and competencies across members agreement on the […]

Types of Retreats

Targeted retreats to achieve specific goals. Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development:  Plot your direction in a way that’s both strategically sound and inspirational. Here you’ll examine your organization’s values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as what your customers want and what you can do to navigate past your competitors. By the retreat’s […]

Organization Integration

Unlock the power of your team. A strong team environment can make a huge difference in how an organization performs, but business leaders know the current rapid-fire corporate environment keeps everyone busy fighting fires, rather than working on tasks that matter. To really succeed, leaders need to ensure everyone within their teams are working together, […]

Values Identification

Can your team members identify your company’s core values? Nine Guiding Principles are at the core of the Leaders’ Values conveyed by Mark Lefko and practiced in his own business operations. They are simple indicators that will be improved, adjusted and personalized – written in sand rather than etched in stone: Respect Integrity Transparency Co-Creation Transformation […]

CEO 1-to-1 Coaching

Today’s successful leaders are on a continuous learning journey. Leading has never been more difficult. New trends and technologies are completely transforming our business and personal environment. Leaders must explore fresh ways to deal with the new business reality and embrace the changes necessary to advance their organization, colleagues and community. With 40 years of C-suite […]

The Process

Expect a fully guided, personalized and positive experience. Your retreat needs to have a concrete payoff, a tangible result that will benefit your business. Mark Lefko makes sure that happens, working hands-on with you from start to finish. › Preparation Select Participants: Once you’re clear about your goals, you’ll discuss who should attend. We primarily […]

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